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Orthodontic Hygiene

Orthodontic hygiene appointments are available with our hygienist to help you keep your braces, teeth and gums in good condition throughout your treatment.

Orthodontic hygiene at Holmes Chapel Dental Practice:
Orthodontics Treatment

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Orthodontic Hygiene Frequently Asked Questions

Will wearing fixed braces affect the health of my teeth and gums?

Because of the fixed wires and brackets in your mouth when you wear fixed braces, there are crevices for bacteria to become trapped; without a good oral hygiene routine, this can affect the condition of your gums and damage the enamel of your teeth, especially around the brackets.

If you have fixed braces, you will need to give some extra time and attention to your daily oral hygiene routine. We will give you advice about how to clean your teeth while wearing braces. Attending orthodontic hygiene appointments will also help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

What can I use to keep my braces clean?

When you have your braces fitted, we will advise what cleaning products to use and how. You may need to use special interdental brushes and brush more regularly, following a specific routine, but we will make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to protect your oral health throughout your treatment.

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