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Short Term Orthodontics

If you’re looking for a fast-acting and discreet way to have straighter teeth without a mouth full of metal ‘train tracks’, then a cosmetic brace system which uses clear brackets and wires or a system which uses clear trays may be the ideal solution. Both approaches work exceptionally well and have been tried and tested with thousands of patients worldwide. Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth are leading ‘invisible’ brace systems made from tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets, which can straighten your teeth in as little as six to nine months. Invisalign uses specially designed clear trays to move your teeth into the correct positions quickly and safely.

Orthodontics at Holmes Chapel Dental Practice:
Six Months Smiles

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We promise to welcome you into a caring and professional environment where we will listen with respect and respond to your concerns. Our approach is ethical and our prices are transparent, which means that we will give you a clear breakdown of your proposed treatment costs in advance, as well as all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Orthodontics Frequently Asked Questions

What is Short Term Orthodontics?

Short term teeth straightening treatments for adults put a modern twist on traditional fixed braces. There are two general approaches: one uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets that are hardly visible and designed for cases where the teeth are severely out of line; the other uses clear removable trays and is ideal for individuals who require more minor corrections. Both systems work to realign teeth far more quickly than conventional braces. In most instances this can be in as short a time as 6-9 months. At your consultation appointment we will be able to advise which system will suit you best.

Is it really possible to straighten teeth in just six months?

Every case is different, but while complex cases may take longer than six months, it may be entirely possible to straighten your teeth within half a year. This is because the systems we use focus on straightening only the front teeth that are most visible when you talk and smile.

If my teeth are moving quickly, does that mean the treatment will hurt?

Not at all. Both systems use gentle ‘low’ forces to move your teeth – in fact, these forces are even lighter than those used by traditional braces. Most people find this teeth straightening treatment very comfortable.

Will it be obvious that I’m having orthodontic treatment?

As well as being fast-acting, one of the reasons short term orthodontics is so popular is because the braces are discreet, making them ideal for adults who don’t want to bring attention to the fact that they are having orthodontic treatment. Six Month Smiles use tooth coloured wires and clear brackets. Someone close up may see that you are wearing braces, but they will hardly be visible from a few feet away and often go unseen on photographs. Invisalign is even more discreet as this system does not use brackets or wires, but very thin, clear trays.

Will I need to wear a retainer at the end of my treatment?

Yes, as with any orthodontic treatment, you should wear a retainer once your treatment is complete to help your teeth stay in their new, straight position. We will discuss your retention plan with you and help you decide on the best retainer for your needs and lifestyle.

Is Short Term Orthodontics expensive?

The systems we offer tend to be more affordable than traditional braces. The alternative to braces are crowns or veneers. However, not only could provision of these treatments be more expensive, but significantly, very damaging to your teeth. When you come in for an initial consultation, we can give you a clear idea of how much your treatment will cost and how long we think it will take.

Will I need to see a specialist orthodontist?

Our clinicans are general dental practitioners and not specialist orthodontists. The systems we provide for aligning teeth are designed for general practitioners to use. We will always discuss in full the advantages and disadvantages of these systems verses conventional bracework and you will always be offered the option of seeing a specialist orthodontist.

Six Months Smiles FAQs