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Dental Implants

Tooth loss can impact on your confidence and cause a wide range of problems, such as tooth movement, bone loss, an increased load on your remaining teeth, and issues with chewing. You may also be concerned about your appearance. Dental implants are currently the most effective way to give you back your smile and fill the gap left by your missing teeth with a restoration that looks and behaves like the real thing.

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Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post or screw that is placed into your jawbone at the site of a missing tooth to replace the root. It is independent of the adjacent teeth and is fixed to give long-term support of a crown, bridge or dentures.

Once the bone has strengthened around the dental implant (osseointegration), a crown is securely attached to it.

Why do I need a dental implant?

A dental implant is currently the most effective way to replace a missing tooth. It is also possible to fit multiple implants to fill several gaps, or to have them strategically positioned to hold a full denture in place.

Dental implants have many benefits. As well as looking like a natural tooth, they are almost as strong as the real thing and can fully restore how your teeth work together to bite and chew. Dental implants can protect you from bone loss around the implant site, as well as stopping your natural teeth from drifting and rotating on either side of the gap. They are a permanent alternative to dentures, giving you the freedom to eat what you want with confidence and comfort.

Will people be able to see that I have a dental implant?

No. The crown that is fitted on to the dental implant will look as though it is emerging from your gum, therefore appearing completely natural.

Are dental implants safe?

In the hands of an experienced dentist, dental implants are incredibly safe and have a very high success rate.

Do I need to have a healthy mouth before I can have dental implants?

If you are currently thinking about dental implants, it may be because you are having ongoing dental problems or you have recently lost some teeth. It is important that we understand and treat the issues that may be causing these problems before carrying out dental implant treatment. If, for example, you have symptoms associated with gum disease, we will want to address this to keep your gums and underlying jaw bone as healthy as possible as this will give your dental implants more stability.

How long does this treatment take?

Generally speaking, the time between placing an implant and fitting the permanent prosthetic tooth can be around four to six months. If you have good quality jaw bone at the implant site, this should decrease the length of the treatment, whereas more care and time must be taken if you have some bone loss, which may extend your treatment beyond six months.

Every case is different, so the number of appointments you need and the length of your treatment will be unique to you. We will discuss this with you before you agree your treatment plan and we will make sure that you are always fully consulted about every aspect of your treatment.

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